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Yay! You're signing up!

You've decided to participate in our grassroots gift drive! A few things you should know before you continue.

  • By signing up you are committing to sponsoring the number of children you request in the form below. Signing up and not getting the gift you committed to is worse than not singing up at all.
  • Spending limit on gifts is $25-$30. Please don't spend less or more, we're trying to keep this fair... If you'd like to spend more than $30, sponsor multiple children. If you can't afford to spend $25, donate the money for wrapping materials.
  • All gifts must be received NO LATER than December 14th. These gifts end up going to many different locations and your child may not receive their gift if it arrives later than this date.
  • When possible, please wrap the gift in a gift bag. Please include a card or sticky note on the gift with your child's name and the content of the gift.
  • Please consider what you're purchasing for your child. Obviously, mind stimulating gifts and gifts that entice activity are encouraged. Please also be aware that many of the children only have a single parent in the home and don't always have access to somebody that can help them assemble a complex gift.
  • You will receive an email) with the information for the children (Name, Age, Wish List - when available) you are sponsoring. Please confirm receipt of this email by replying to the email. 
  • Follow the donation link if you'd rather donate.


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