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Welcome to the 7th annual Little Gift Givers gift drive!

As a completely grassroots gift drive, we depend on volunteers to power the success of the gift drive.  To date you have helped hundreds of children, and because of our volunteer structure, 100% of all donations actually go to these children and families.  We’re proud of your generosity and we thank you for your enduring support.  Hundreds of children are proud of you, too.

One thing that makes Little Gift Givers unique is our local ties to school districts, social workers and refugee organizations.  These ties provide a means of targeting the truly needy though socio-economic data and first hand knowledge.  What that means is we can give gifts to the EXACT children who need the most.

Once again we ask for your help in creating hope.  Please share your generosity and help ensure that less fortunate children experience the joy and festivity of the holiday season.

Thank you,

Little Gift Givers



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